Starting an advertising agency is not an easy task. It requires dedication, education and financial consideration. Before I go into the how to start an agency, please educate yourself on a few of the most successful advertising agencies today. According to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and Adbrands, some of the top advertising agencies are Omnicom Group, R&R Partners, J Walter Thompson, Mccan Ericson, Rosetta, Epsilon, BBDO, Acxiom, and many more.

If you want your future advertising agency to be as successful, popular, and branded as the ones I’ve listed above, maybe these next few steps from Forbes will help you out.

First off, the first week of hatching your own advertising agency will probably be your worst. You need to create a business plan and decide where you want your agency to be located. A successful company always stems from a well-organized and logical business plan. You must get past your self-doubt before you put your plan into action. You can’t execute a completely successful idea, if you completely doubt yourself and your motives. You should also start right away rather than pushing it off or later.

Even if you aren’t a big-name business, there is much opportunity out there. Anant Rangaswami, the editor of Campaign India, said: “Clients are looking for competent communication partners, not for big names any more. It’s Cartwheel that just did the new Kotak [Mahindra Bank] campaign. It’s Metal that has been awarded the account of  the new channel from Rupert Murdoch‘s stable, STAR CJ. It’s Law & Kenneth that will handle the Renault brands in India. It’s Creativeland Asia which has won Audi. If you’re in India and you have competence, there’s a mountain of business available. No one will bother about which Network you belong to.” (Forbes)

The website also mentioned that you need a behind-the-scenes person who can make it all happen: the billing, the financials, operations, leasing, dealing with staff.

Marketing is about the same principles that have been important to companies since the dawn of time ages ago: doing it faster, smarter, cheaper and being more innovative.

You must be strong and prepared to adapt in this fast-paced, constantly-changing field.

Remember: “You’ll be the new kids on the block. You’ll be asking staff and clients to take a leap in the dark. Your vision has to move the world.” (Forbes)

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